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We realize one of the most important steps to maximize your investment and ensure a successful implementation is the training of your staff.  Preparing properly for the installation is the key; it will truly determine your success.  Every medical practice is different and each installation requires a specific plan designed for their practice.

“Preparation is the Key for Success.”

Our Implementation Training Specialists are professionals within their specific areas.   They have a detailed knowledge of practice operations and training skills to ensure a high-level learning experience for your staff. 

Encite’s Implementation and Training Specialists will review a staff member's individual job descriptions and responsibilities in order to ensure they are trained appropriately regarding the system specifics that will assist their day to day tasks in becoming more efficient. Training sets the pace for a successful future.

Encite Training

We provide:

  • On-site

  • Internet On-Line

  • Individual User - Job Specific

  • Group and Administrative

 Encite's extensive training services also include:

  • Train the trainer

  • Hands on activities

  • Groups and individual users

All training programs are designed specifically to maximize installation and use of Encite software solutions. We are committed to getting your medical practice up and running as quickly as possible.

“Preparation is the Key for Success.”

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