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About Encite

Encite, Inc. is a privately-held corporation that specializes in healthcare software solutions.  We have been developing healthcare software for healthcare organizations for well over a decade. Today Encite’s corporate office is located in beautiful Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Our vision from inception was to create healthcare software solutions that are designed and developed from the healthcare

Encite Office

professional's point of view...not the software developer's.  While from a programming perspective, it would have been easier and resulted in a quicker delivery to the market, we rejected the common template approach due to the fact that it builds rigidity that our research within the healthcare community indicated wasn't wanted.

When Encite released its first public version of Electronic Health Records; it was an immediate enthusiastic response.  That response was due in part to the fact that Encite’s EHR intuitively follows the thought process of the healthcare professional in real time to think and work the way they do.  By the elimination of cumbersome restrictive templates that force users to drill down through an assortment of screens to reach desired information, Encite provides complete workflow freedom. Our healthcare application can be customized by the healthcare professional to suit their personal workflow preferences without requiring that they be computer savvy.

Today Encite’s professional management consists of specialists in the areas of administrative management, software development, information technology and customer service.  We continue to strive in developing new technologies in the advancement of healthcare software that will assist in improving patient care.

Why Encite?

Simply, our healthcare software technology stands above others.  Unlike older template-driven software applications that limit flexibility and require adoption of a standard workflow, our software solutions are designed with the built-in flexibility to meet the unique needs of your workflow and personal preferences.

We are able to do this because our only business is the development of integrated healthcare information technology (HIT) solutions designed with the assistance of healthcare professionals. This is accomplished with the collaboration of our industry-leading HIT partners who have helped us develop an open architecture utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

The result is a powerful Encite suite of healthcare software solutions that are scalable and customizable to meet your individual needs along with the requirements for Meaningful Use.

“Encite has created a one-of-a-kind EHR solution that is intuitive to think the way healthcare professionals do. Encite’s EHR is a non-restrictive software solution that has broken the mold…a new EHR software technology that is NOT contained within the rigid guidelines of a conventional template driven software application. We are the next generation in EHR technology.” – Edward Horner, President & CEO.

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