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Patient Summary
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Electronic Health Records

Finally, an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system that thinks and works the way you do. Developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals throughout the country, Encite provides a unique comprehensive specialty-specific EHR knowledge base that includes:

  • Dermatology

  • Pediatrics

  • Primary Care / Internal Medicine

  • Otolaryngology (ENT)

  • Vein & Vascular

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With Encite’s EHR, you can quickly and efficiently document each step of the patient’s encounter. Encite’s EHR manages your diagnostic, procedural and test results allowing you to compare results over time. Encite’s software platform provides you the capability to manage patient care in any size healthcare environment from referrals to patient encounters, pre-ops to procedures and post-ops. Better patient information results in better medical decision making. Encite’s EHR intuitively follows the thought process of the healthcare professional in real time to think and work the way you do.  There is a reason why many of our providers easily document well over 50 plus patient encounters in a normal clinical day.  Schedule an Encite EHR software demonstration.

Rapid Chart

Encite’s Rapid Chart feature expedites the process of creating a patient’s medical visit or encounter with a few keystrokes. This unique feature gives you the capability of automating a sequence of instructions and/or inserting specific functionalities with a single keystroke. Rapid Chart is simply amazing!


What is the secret to Encite that gives you the most exciting flexible and customizable EHR application on today’s market? The secret is Encite’s EHR application is NOT template based. Unlike many EHR template-driven applications that limit your flexibility and require adoption of a standard workflow; Encite’s EHR application is designed with the built-in flexibility to meet the unique needs of your workflow and personal preferences. You literally can make customizations on the fly.


Encite’s software application provides you the capability to securely connect with other healthcare applications. You can exchange healthcare information that improves patient outcomes. The collaboration with healthcare professionals promotes a higher user satisfaction and better patient care.

Voice Recognition

Encite’s EHR software solution supports voice recognition technology. You may dictate efficiently and securely in documenting a patient encounter.


Simply, Encite’s software solutions can be tailored to meet your financial means.

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