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Revenue Cycle Management

Today, streamlining your billing process and managing your medical practice’s cash flow is more critical than ever.  Receiving full reimbursement for the services you provide is a painstaking process that requires an in-depth knowledge of the complex healthcare financial management terrain. Changing payor rules, code modifiers and benefit coordination can make getting paid for even the simplest visit a real challenge.  Encite Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) will help you and your staff meet that challenge and deal effectively and efficiently.

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  • Get paid faster

  • Maximize reimbursements

  • Eliminate timely claim filing

  • Reduce aging accounts receivable

  • Reduce billing and insurance errors

  • Reduce labor time and associated costs

  • Submission and monitoring of insurance claims

  • Denial management

  • Reporting that will track productivity and allow you to see how much revenue you are truly making

Whether you simply want to streamline your revenue management or you're tired of working with local billing services that don't perform up to expectation but want to take advantage of Encite’s RCM services; our goal is to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're being fully paid for all services rendered the first time your claim is filed.

We accomplish this by helping your staff perform with optimum efficiency, correctly observing all regulatory protocol and requirements and following in a diligent, timely manner to ensure you get paid. Each month the Encite RCM team presents a complete summary of your performance and ours. No more managerial headaches. No more not knowing what questions to ask. Working with Encite RCM is like having a partner watching your back.  In fact our whole model is dependent on your success. We don't charge a thing until you get paid. Isn't that the best way to approach the situation… pay a fair percentage for the claims once you get paid!

Let your staff schedule appointments and manage the customer relationships while Encite works to get you paid. You can rely on Encite to handle your billing just as you rely on us for our outstanding EHR, PM and Transaction Services.

The good news is you can easily get started today! Contact us today to find out if Encite Revenue Cycle Management is right for your practice. Our team will help evaluate your medical practice at no cost or obligation.

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