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Encite has a wide variety of innovative acquisition strategies and financing plans that are specific for healthcare providers.  We will provide you the flexibility you need to meet both your immediate needs and your long term goals including deferred payment plans and financial programs.

Encite can structure a financing plan that ensures you can acquire the solutions you need to take your medical practice to the next level under the most favorable possible financial terms.


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  • Specifically designed for healthcare providers

  • No credit applications

  • Credit decisions in within 60 Minutes

  • No liens

  • Deferred payment programs

  • Flexible payment plans

  • Eliminate down payments

  • Flexible payment terms and lease lengths

  • Conserve cash and credit

  • Working capital

  • Purchase or renewal options

  • Section 179 Tax Deduction

  • Fixed Rates

You’ll receive prompt considerate service.  We will provide quick and flexible credit decisions, simplicity of paperwork and speed of funding.  We understand your issues, and we have the solutions for your medical practice.

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