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From inception, Encite's vision was to create software solutions that's designed and developed from the healthcare professional's point of view...not the software developer's. That is exactly what we have accomplished.

Encite’s healthcare software solution approach is based on an intuitive graphic interface that provides the means of managing patient data quickly, easily and efficiently. This critical information may just save a patient's life. To assist the healthcare professional in delivering the best possible patient the result of maximum practice efficiency achieved through our software solutions…we will continue to deliver the highest possible quality of care by providing the technical resources to make informed decisions. Encite accomplishes this through utilization of the latest technological advances as well as a focus on the best practices and highest standards of customer support.

Mission Support Actions

  • Encite maintains a position as a superior HIT applications developer by using the most advanced software technologies available today.

  • We will continue to maintain and expand strategic alliances with healthcare professionals and world HIT leaders.

  • Extend our healthcare providers access to Encite's informational resources to assist them to make informed decisions.

  • Continue to acquire resources, establish partnerships and joint ventures to provide our healthcare professionals the flexibility and diversity they need to meet their changing requirements.

“Your Success is Our Success”

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