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E-Prescription Writing


Encite's Electronic Prescription Writer is the most intuitive prescription writing module on the market today. Because of its intuitive user interface and easy to follow work flow it requires little training and is usable within a few moments. This affords healthcare professionals the ability to quickly and easily transition to e-prescribing.

The benefits of using the prescription writer are tremendous because it increases physician efficiency while reducing medication errors.

Encite e-Rx offers the following capabilities:

  • Ability to quickly and easily write new prescriptions
  • Prescription refills in a matter of seconds
  • Reduce pharmacy call backs
  • Ability to view patients complete drug history; current medications, drug allergies, discontinued and ineffective medications
  • Instant notification of potential drug interaction or contraindicated drugs
  • Weight based dosing calculation allows for highly accurate prescription writing
  • Complex prescription capability with the ability to stage drugs
  • Favorites can be set up by provider for frequently prescribed drugs
  • Patient Education for prescribing medications
  • SureScripts Certified

Encite utilizes SureScripts, the industry standard, to offer e-Prescribing to our medical practices. Medications are sent electronically to pharmacies, providing tremendous efficiency reducing errors while providing high levels of security in the process.

In today's demanding healthcare environment you need to be able to write complex prescriptions quickly and easily. With Encite's e-Rx you can accomplish just that and more! Find out how you can start using this powerful tool in your practice today.