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Appointment Scheduler


Encite’s Appointment Scheduler will help you in streamlining your front office.  Improve your patient satisfaction by managing the flow of your patients. Whether you are a single provider practice or a large practice with mulitiple physicians and/or locations, Encite’s Appointment Scheduler will be able to accommodate your medical practice.  Scheduling appointments, rescheduling, canceling and managing walk-in appointments require only a few quick keystrokes. 


  • Multi-level display viewing
    •     Locations
    •     Providers
    •     Resources
    •     Patient preferences
  • Patient eligibility insurance verification
  • Customization of scheduling templates
  • Find next available appointment time slots
  • Manage patient appointments
  • Manage practice resources
  • Overbooking
  • Filter appointment types
  • Color coding appointment types
  • Blocking time periods, days, physicians, resources
  • Patient History Tracking
  • Daily, weekly and monthly calendar views