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Dermatology EHR

encite-brand-200.pngDermatology Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

Finally, a Dermatology EHR system that thinks and works the way you do.

Developed in collaboration with Dermatologists throughout the country, Encite provides a unique comprehensive Dermatology specialty-specific knowledge base that includes General, Cosmetic, Mohs and Pathology. Encite’s EHR also manages diagnostic, procedural and test results allowing you to compare results over time. Better patient information results in better medical decision making. Encite also gives you the capability to manage dermatology patient care in a high volume environment from referrals to patient visits, pre-ops to procedures and post-ops. With Encite’s EHR, you can quickly and efficiently document each step of the patient’s visit including CC, HPI, ROS, Exam, Procedures, Orders, Prescriptions, Assessment and Plans plus more.  Our dermatology EHR software intuitively follows the thought process of the medical professional in real time to think and work the way you do.  There is a reason why many of our Dermatologists see well over 50 plus patients a day with our application.  See a Encite Dermatology EHR (Electronic Health Records) Software demonstration.

Only Encite has Rapid Chart™

Rapid Chart™ expedites the process of creating a patient’s medical visit or encounter within a few keystrokes. This unique feature Rapid Chart™, gives you the capability of automating a sequence of instructions and/or inserting specific functionalities with a single keystroke.  Rapid Chart™ is simply amazing!


What is the secret to Encite that gives you the most exciting flexible and customizable Dermatology EHR application on today’s market?   The secret is Encite’s EHR application is NOT template based.  Unlike EHR template-driven applications that limit your flexibility and require adoption of a standard workflow; Encite’s dermatology EHR application is designed with the built-in flexibility to meet the unique needs of your workflow and personal preferences. You literally can make customizations on the fly.


  • General, Cosmetic, Surgical Dermatology and Pathology Knowledge Base
  • Rapid Chart™
  • Document & Imaging Management
  • Digital Photographs from your Camera, Web Cam, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, iPhone or iPad
  • On Screen Drawing, Annotate directly onto an Image
  • Consent Forms Signing on Touch Screen
  • ICD-10 Ready
  • Professional Looking Documentation
  • Patient Flow
  • Streamline Practice Workflow
  • Customizable on the fly, Flexible
  • Health Management
  • Patient Summary
  • Data Collection
  • Outcome Studies
  • Prescription Writing
  • E-Prescribing
  • Drug Database with Interaction Checking
  • Referral and Consult Letters
  • Pathology & Lab Order Interfaces
  • Interoperability
  • E/M Coding
  • Patient Education
  • Remote Access to Patient Charts
  • Encrypted Patient Chart Communication
  • Supports State-of-the Art Voice Recognition

Encite provides dermatology specific electronic health records and management software to dermatology practices.